Desserts 5.50 
Served with ice cream 
Soft choux pastries filled with Chantilly cream, covered 
in a smooth chocolate sauce 
Soft sponge base, with a mascarpone layer, with 
coffee soaked biscuit fingers 
Cheesecake Brûlée 
Italian ricotta and mascarpone cheesecake baked with caramel sauce 
with a lightly brûléed almond cream 
Torta Deliza 
Rolled sponge soaked with liqueur and filled with patisserie cream, 
decorated with almond cream and finished with almonds 
Torta Macao 
A thick chocolate cream on a crushed cocoa biscuit base, 
decorated with cocoa powder 
Cheese Board 9.25 
A selection of 4 cheeses served with quince jelly, sweet onion compote, 
grapes, celery and biscuits 
Imported Italian Ice Cream 
1.75 per scoop 
Choose from Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla or Pistachio 
Some of our menu items contain nuts, seeds and other allergens. Therefore there maybe some risk that traces of these could be in any dish served here. Please discuss with your server if you have any concerns or allergies so we can ensure the safety of your meal. 
At Ziniz we are happy to help you with any dietary requirements or just simply modifying a dish to your liking. Please ask staff for suggestions 
GM Foods 
Wherever possible we are aiming to 
avoid products containing GM soya 
and maize, however at present some of our products may contain such ingredients. 
Please be aware that a discretionary 10% gratuity will be added to the bill. 
All gratuities are distributed amongst Ziniz staff.  
Thank you. 
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